Film / documentary made in two years of shooting in the countries of the partner organizations by the videomaker Max Biskup

Photo Gallery 1
The photographic set made during the firts workshop in Bassano del Grappa by the photographer Sara Lando.

Photo Gallery 3
The photos made during the second workshop in Rechnitz by Max Biskup.

Photo Gallery 5
17 July 2019 Bassano del Grappa, 30 July Montorso 2019, 19 september 2019 Montebelluna – Photo made by Riccardo Panozzo and Maurizio Ceccon during the dance performance “Folk Manifold”

Choreographer: Masako Matsushita
Perfomer: Vittoria Caneva, Anna Grigiante, Ilaria Marcolin, Elena Sgarbossa, Lamin Suno


Photo Gallery 7
17 August, 2019, Bassano del Grappa – Photo made by Roberto Cinconze and Riccardo Panozzo during the dance performance “Muljil”

Ideation and creation: Jinyeob Lee
Perfomer: Geungho Nam, Hyunsung Seo, Aeri Lee, Jaiho Lee, Kijang Han
Local perfomer: Sara Abdelkerim, Selamawit Biruk, Abderraouf Selmani, Lamin Suno, Victoria Okebugwu


Short film 4
Workshop 5 – ArteSella. Lamin Suno and Selamawit Biruk lead a dance class in the amazing venue of Arte Sella under the John Grade’s installation. In the background the musical accompaniment played by Anna Bragagnolo (cello) and Bafi (Djambè)

Migrant Bodies T-Shirt
T-shirt created by the studends of the IIC high school of fashion design of Breganze.
Riccardo Bernardele, Rajeshree Carlesso, Nicoletta Bordignon, Alessia Cornoló, Alessia Stona, Rosita Girardi, Eleonora Fantinato, Khadija El Moursli, Matilde Bizzotto, Mariam El Asri, Rachele Zonta, Asia Schiavon.

Migrant Bodies – Moving Borders Publication

Photo Gallery 2
Immages and insights from the Migrant Bodies-moving borders workshop1(19-23 February) captured by photographer Selamawit Biruk in Bassano del Grappa.

Photo Gallery 4
17th April 2019 – A wonderful dance encounter with 800 young students of local schools celebrating peace.

with Selamawit Biruk and Anna Bragagnolo
Photo by Roberto Cinconze

Photo Gallery 6
14 July, 2019, Bassano del Grappa – Photo made by Riccardo Panozzo during the dance performance “Just Paper”

Choreographer: Andrea Rampazzo
Perfomer: Selemawit Biruk, Abdi Buule Mahamed, Vittoria Caneva, Precious Igbineweka, Ilaria Marcolin e Lamin Suno
Support to the creative process: Anna Bragagnolo


Short film 1
The video made during the first workshop in Bassano del Grappa by the videomaker Roberto Cinconze.

Short film 2
A short video with the dancer Anna Bragagnolo at work with refugees from some local cooperatives within the Dance Well community

Short film 3
Video made in ArteSella on 9 June 2018. Dance class divided into three different parts. In the last one Anna Bragagnolo lead a dance class with the support of Selamawith Biruk, accompanied by live music played by Bafi and Modibo Traore.

Short film 5
The students of the IIC high school of design of Breganze telling us the story of their t-shirt inspirated to the migrant bodies project.

Lecture by Anna Trevisan | 20 February, 2018, Bassano del Grappa

Moving Borders Walk


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