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Migrant Bodies – BABEL in Vitry-sur-Seine, France

This morning at La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne 13 participants started a workshop on the BABEL project proposed by choreographer Jordi Galí and Katia Mozet to build a new tower and work together for three days. Here's a small text - in French! - about meeting and...

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Residency 4: Migrant Bodies in Pinkafeld

Older children with mixed ethnic backgrounds from the New Middle School Pinkafeld, also took part in a one week workshop with Katharina Senk which they performed on Saturday 29th September 2018 in the frame of “Dance Walk“ for “Woche der Vielfalt“. All part of...

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The Migrant Bodies – Tuesday at Museo Civico

The last day of the Migrant Bodies-moving borders workshop in Bassano del Grappa started with a physical practice guided by Nora Chipaumire, and explored discussions around 'sharing the personal archive' with Nora, Sangeeta Isvaran, Gwen Hsin-Yi Chang and Melanie...

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The Migrant Bodies – Monday at Museo Civico

The day started with Giorgia Ohanesia Nardin and Chiara Bersani leading dance practices and participating in conversations with Selamawit Biruk, Patrik and Satchie Noro discovering differences in the personal archives. The Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders team met in...

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The Migrant Bodies – Sunday at Museo Civico

Very inspiring Sunday at Museo Civico with dance practices led by Nora Chipaumire, Melanie Demers and Sangeeta Isvaran, dialogues and exchenges around the subject 'the body archive' with international artists, Ginelle Chagnon and Amerigo Pugliese.

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The Migrant Bodies-team returns to Italy

At Arte Sella the day started wonderfully with dances led by Selamawit Biruk and Latin Sumo, with live music played by Anna Bragagnolo and Madibo Traure. Inspiring exchanges of insights, amongst the international participants, were facilitated by Monica Gillette...

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Handshake action in Zagreb

Migrant Bodies participants had a great time, met lots of surprising reactions and gained lots of positive experiences today, saying hello and shaking hands with everyone that crossed our path today. Building bridges, spreading openness, acceptance and positivity,...

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Migrant Bodies in Rechnitz, sharing moment

Sharing moves. Sharing food. Sharing knowledge. What a wonderful day in Rechnitz deepening the relationships and learning from each other. In the evening the artists, organisers and local visitors were introduced to Afghan cuisine. Thank you for your hospitality boys!...

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Second day for Migrant Bodies in Rechnitz

Today we visited the regional capital Oberwart and had a public session on the main square open to migrants and local citizens. Afterwards we were given the opportunity to gather at the local support center for migrants to exchange experiences and personal...

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Migrant Bodies has arrived in Rechnitz

Migrant Bodies has arrived in Rechnitz, a small Village on the Austrian/Hungarian Border. We will be spending the week with a group of boys aged 13 - 17 who have walked here from Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea. It's been a great first day getting to know the boys...

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Migrant Bodies project – The video

What happened in Bassano during the first workshop of the project? This is a short film by Roberto Cinconze about the experience of Selamawit Biruk at the first workshop of Migrant Bodies-moving borders in Bassano del Grappa.

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Migrant Bodies project in Trieste

Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders hit the city of Trieste, with a project presentation by Elisabetta Bisaro and artists Jordi Gali and Andrea Rampazzo, followed by the generous performance of T by Jordi Gali in the wonderful setting of the Hydrodynamic Power Station....

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Fifth day for Migrant Bodies project

A wonderful dance session led by Andrea, Katharina, Jordi and Žak connected and engaged the students, Dance Well dancers, asylum seekers, social workers and dance artists who came to Museo Civico this morning. Joy and artistry exploded in the crowded Sala Chilesotti. ...

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Fourth day for Migrant Bodies project

The Migrat Bodies-moving borders choreographers led, in pairs, two dance sessions at Musei di Bassano del Grappa today. John Mpaliza inspired all of us with his experiences of being the peace walking man of Europe, sensibilizing people about the human conditions in...

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Third day for Migrant Bodies project

In the third day Jordi Galì led the dance practice with a very numerous group of participants and Katharina Senk guided the afternoon dance session bringing new immagineries and proposals. The explorations continued with Monica Gillette who joined today the Migrant...

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Second day for Migrant Bodies project

Second day of research for the Migrant Bodies-moving borders team at Museo Civico. Andrea and Žak led a dance class each, for groups of citizens and asylum seekers living in Bassano del Grappa. Anna Trevisan shared her experiences as cultural mediator and writer,...

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Migrant Bodies project starts in Bassano

Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders started today its first workshop in Bassano del Grappa. A Dance Well class followed by blind folded walks in the city centre and body interviews introduced the four international choreographers (Andrea Rampazzo, Katharina Senk, Jordi...

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