Liz King

Austria – D.ID

Liz King has worked professionally as a dancer and choreographer since 1967. After her engagement with the Stuttgart Ballet under John Cranko she focused on choreography.
In 1982 she co-founded TTW – Tanztheater Wien, which would become Austrias first independent contemporary dance company. TTW toured extensively throughout Europe performing at renowned festivals including Centre Pompidou, Europalia Brussels, Hebbel Theater, Berlin, Staatsoper Wien to name just a few. In 1989 she became director and choreographer at Stadttheater Heidelberg where she led a company of 14 dancers for seven years and created 11 full length pieces. In 1996 she returned to Vienna to restart TTW 2, bringing with her a young team of dancers from Heidelberg. In 1999 the company moved into the Volksoper Vienna expanding to 32 dancers, creating an innovative environment for contemporary dance and for large audiences. In 2005 Liz King co-founded D.ID dance-identity with her partner Manfred Biskup. After the untimely death of Manfred in 2010 Liz King continued building D.ID developing it to “Choreografisches Zentrum Burgenland“ offering emerging choreographers the chance to produce their work accompanied by experienced mentors. whilst collaborating with international partners as well as local community based activities. In addition D.ID shares projects with several international partners.


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