Clint Lutes

France – La Briqueterie

Clint Lutes is a dancer, choreographer and initiator of cultural projects. As a performer he worked most notably with the Eun Me Ahn Company, the Brian Brooks Moving Company and Cie Yann Lheureux. His choregraphic work, inspired by nonverbal communication, has been presented in many places and in many formats. In the last ten years he has become more and more involved in  intergenerational and intercultural research and creation projects such as Alles Bewegt (Austria), 1’59 (Paris at Theatre de la Ville and Paris Quartier d’Ete), Störung/Hafra’ah (Germany/Israel), Labodanse (Paris) and Paysage d’Ensemble (Paris – at Palais de Chaillot). Founder and artistic director of LUCKY TRIMMER in Berlin (2003-2010). Associated artist at DaPoPa since 2016. Teacher for ImpulsTanz, Sasha Waltz and Guests, Australian Dance Theater, Akram Khan Company, CND Lyon & Paris, New York University and elsewhere.

Clint Lutes works with tools of improvisation based on communicative social gestures such as high-fives or handshakes. Amateur and professional dancers alike work with these tools to create a nonverbal dialogue with their partners, creating a base for movement exploration. These tools enable the dancers to listen and observe one another without judgement, creating mutual empathy in a playful atmosphere. Throughout the process of the ateliers, we’ll accumulate experiences that will culminate in a performance flash mob.


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