Edith Wolf-Perez

Austria – D.ID

Two passions have guided Edith’s professional development: dance and writing.
Already during her dance education at the Laban Centre London, Edith started to work in inclusive, participatory dance projects and has led community dance interventions in various settings in Germany and the UK.
After moving to Vienna, her work has taken a different direction: she became a journalist and in 1989 co-founded a dance magazine, followed by the online magazine www.tanz.at that she continues editing. She also writes for national and international trade magazines and newspapers.
She is holding an M.A. in European Cultural Policy from the University of Warwick that has added a European dimension to her work. She co-authored an international report about cultural policies in 42 European countries, and, in the last 15 years, has co-managed European projects in the area of arts and education.
This area of work is closely related to her interest in creative learning through dance as a process of lifelong learning. During her work as artistic director of the summer school at the festival Bolzano Danza (2006 to 2015), she has widened the programme to include all age groups from 5 to 80 years as well as introduced some special dance projects for young people.
Edith is currently undertaking her PhD studies at Faculty of Music Sociology at the University of Music Vienna. The title of her thesis is: “Migrancy as a Narrative of Contemporary Dance”, a comparative view on the influence of migrant artists and the work with migrant communities on the development of participatory and inclusive practices in the UK and Austria. She is a speaker at international professional conferences.


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